Nomes: Never was there such a strugglebot! Life (read: struggle) as I know it, involves tuition payment, job search, and studying dance, singing and acting. At the SAME time! Oh! As well as one or two epic cook-offs and far too many eventful walks home through the narrow and crooked streets of Toronto… And all of it is coming to a web page near you!!!

PenRei: The biggest question for me is: Why? Why am I so strange? There are days where this questions seems to be a theme in my life. Having graduated from film school, initially filled with hopes of having my voice heard, the crushing reality came to me faster than expected. Now, I go forth and persevere, trying to claw my way in this maniac of an industry while not becoming one of the self-entitled crazies that I’ve worked with. Maybe I’m already there. WHO KNOWS! Up to you to judge.

All together now!

I guess the history of us is that we are high school friends who bonded over nerdiness, food, art, long bus rides home, and snorting while laughing. Our continuous thirst for knowledge has turned us into childish awkward philosophers. We watch way too much tv for our own good with a plate of cheese right beside us (the cheese is gone before opening credits are through), and that’s how we like it. On top of all that, and on top of being artsy antsy boheme-esque bipeds, we’re also French. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! Or don’t… uh… *mutters*

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